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Cyber Awareness Training

  • The Cybersecurity for Management Syllabus — Course can be completed in 3 days as a short management seminar or up to 7 -12 weeks if a fully academic course.
  • It does not require an IT background.
  • It is designed to inform Business managers who need to understand what they are up against, be able to understand and communicate with IT managers, and inform their management Boards to obtain appropriate funding to secure their organizations. It is also useful in a shorter version for all employees and suppliers.
  • Topics covered will include: the threats, security policies, computer network management, and disaster recovery. Special emphasis will be given to understanding the threat, designing, deploying and managing complete preventive security systems, as well as an incident response plan.
  • It also briefly covers gaining an understanding of the techniques used to secure and manage computers, computer networks and enterprise computer systems and ethical and regualtory considerations, and where to get help.