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What we do

Maxess has a wealth of experience in Europe, Asia, Oceania, and the USA providing assistance in the following areas:

 New Products and services  ideas and development 

Project Management

New Business development and Market introduction

Satellite imagery, Mobile Communications and Maritime Cyber

International  High Tech Marketing

Maritime Infrastructure development

Maritime  Regulatory

Product Management

Market Research

technology Evaluation

Bid Management

Business Analysis

Management Training



Airbus. AT&T, Coca Cola, EU DG XIII, Group Wan, Inmarsat, Marlink, Euro Strategies, SAIT Radio Holland,  SAIT Communications, Dynocite Ltd, Eurobets, Philips, Garrigues Abogados, Trinite Van Dorne, CSO Alliance, Marlink, Spacebel Informatique, Lucent technologies. and more...