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NewTraining Program in Cyber for Managers

Posted 7/10/2011

In association with the Business school UBI in Brussels we have developed a course on understanding Cyber for Managers.

This module aims to expose the student to the real issues inherent in the business world in which Cyber Security of IT Information Technology networks and OT  Operational and Technical system play an ever-increasing role. It provides a detailed practical description of the scale and scope of the issues/problems, what companies and individuals are confronted with, provides data enabling managers to discuss with Boards and IT departments about requirements, and suggestions for dealing with problems, as well as sources of information and help. A specific case is discussed to demonstrate the types of problems as seen in the maritime transport network which consists of many interconnected large and small enterprises.

Learning Outcomes


On completion of this module the successful student will be able to:

  1. Understand the scale and scope of the Cyber threat. 
  2. Identify types of threats
  3. Understand what a company or entity needs to do to protect itself (assessment, Training, Recovery and business continuity planning etc.
  4. Know where assistance can be had in case of a Cyber event
  5. Know the basic regulations affecting him or her. (Duty of care and Reporting)



This module will call for the successful student to:

  1. Summarise evidence to assist in strategic planning; and be able to provide facts and figures to Management.
  2. Be able to understand elements of trade-offs and costs
  3. Be able to communicate the scope and scale of the problem and the readiness  assessment of the entity, to boards, Security and IT departments to determine what investments might need to be made.
  4. Be able to outline a prevention, recovery and Business continuity plan
  5. Know where to get formal White hat Hacker training if so desired 


  • What is a Hacker
  • Malware Terminology
  • How big the problem is
  • How is it done Tools and process
  • Example: The threat in Maritime
  • Threat Types
  • Defense against the dark arts
  • Secure communications
  • Security when you travel
  • Regulatory environment
  • Resilience and Incident reporting
  • Going on the attack
  • Getting training
  • Glossary and Support Terminology