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Consulting Services for You 

Maxess SPRL have been profitably in business for  more than 30 years, serving Clients with technology, consulting, new VAS product development, project management, Regulatory, and marketing services around the world. 

Maxess SPRL is dedicated to quietly and quickly providing sophisticated services to very demanding customers via an extensive network of senior associates all expert in their field. 





 We work to tight deadlines and deliver the agreed outcome. We can be of assistance particularly where in-house resources or competence are not available yet results are urgently needed. 

We are known primarily by word of mouth references as most of our Clients prefer we stay firmly in the background.

Our assignments usually involve a combination of :

  1.  Results based Project Management and Business Development

  2. Maritime Cyber, Satellite Imagery, technology and regulations 

  3. Ideas generation or developing yours

  4. Technology design, evaluation, and/or selection 

  5. Marketing - generally in a cross border or international context

  6. Telemedicine

  7. Training including in Project Management  and  Cyber  for Management .

  8. Encryption for mobile messaging (European technolgy)

  9. Billing systems for Utilities and Telecom operators

  10. Secure mobile phone systems


Welcome to Maxess SPRL website! We hope you will enjoy browsing through our website, and find a lot of useful information here. We pay great attention to the quality of our consulting and training services. You can find detailed information about our services online or contact our customer service team for help.

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